Make a fried fish sandwich for yourself

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Let’s make a fish fry

Preferred fish sauce 10 Kg (made with fish sauce) Kneaked in salt and ginger powder.

Mix well 10 teaspoons flour and mix well

Dissolve and roll to 2 inches long and shape.

Then add about 45 minutes


Put in refrigerator (not room) for about three-four hours.If the bumps are in good shape.Sliced ​​thinner than a knife and placed in a tray.If you are well dried, you will probably eat fried

Handmade real family fun!Please fill out the form if necessary

Thank you all;


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It is also known that it is made with other fish.The only bad thing I have ever done is to scrape a fish.The difference depends on the fish.I don’t know about the other fish because I have already made one of these fish

Tapioca Starch is more straightforward than gluten, but rather simple.Add salt and a little more salt than you would like when you are cooking salt.It is not exactly written as you like

It’s easy to share and experiment with, so it’s easy to share with others.Just for the family to make their own