We can use an interactive Viber bot called Mom

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Viber has introduced a chatbot that lets users interact with a user named “Mama”.

“Mommy”, the chatbot is pregnant! Tips from doctors and other health professionals about pediatric health; You will receive weekly newsletters, emails and tips. It will be delivered to users through frequently asked questions.

Users will receive basic health advice messages pertaining to the individual through the ‘Chat Mom’ or ‘Baby’s Birthday’ message via the Viber chatbot three times a week.

“Through this platform, women have important advice on pregnancy and child health. The information will be easily accessible.

Viber is currently the most popular messaging application in Myanmar, and users are already familiar with the platform, and we are working to deliver this service through our Viber platform for the purpose of providing women and families with our services. ” “It was a great day,” she said.

Mother Chatbot has been updated to the 2014 maternity and maternal health app (download via the Google Play Store) in collaboration with Koe Koe Tech and Population Services International.