Top 10 Benefits of Salt That You Don’t Know

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Salt is not just about having a good cup of soup. It is a great remedy that is especially useful for cleaning and wellness. Here are some tips on how to use salt effectively.

(1) Remove pigeons

Or when the pot is dug up, Whether it’s for a long time or for a long time, the pigeons sticking out of the pots in the dishwasher may be just a little salty and then rub.

(2) Clean the nightclubs

After a long day, it becomes darker with just a few drops of salt and rubbed with a lemon.

(3) Removes the edges of the glass

The polished and clear edges of the glass are mixed with a little salt, washed and washed with soap.

It can also be used as a face cleanser

Take a small amount of salt, mix it with butter (1 part 2), gently rub the face, and wash it gently for 5 minutes.

5) Protect the cheese from mold

It prevents salt from melting, so salt is added to the water and applied to the outside of the cheese.

(6) Clean the tiles

Add salt to the soap and rinse the tiles with fresh water.

(7) Can lift legs

Add a little salt to the boiling water and soak the legs until the water cools. All the sutures are relaxed and the joints relax.

8. Removes coffee beans

Tile the remaining coffee mug in a glass jar with salt and shampoo, pour into a cup and rinse for about an hour. Coffee mugs and tea mugs.

9. Coffee reduces the bitter taste of coffee

When the coffee is very bitter, giving it a bit of salt can help ease the problem.

10. White clothes are white

When washing white clothes, adding a little salt is a bit of a glow.