Weekly talking about fortume for people from 6.2.2020 to 12.2.2020

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Whatever we do, we will work together. I was tired and tired. With due diligence, you will experience great opportunities. It’s time to make a fortune and think about your efforts. Although there are growths that are comfortable for business, social problems are common. Donations They must do great things for religious purposes. Good contacts will develop and will benefit overseas. The decision can be made accurately and with good intentions. Do not stretch out to any new area of ​​work. You will face hardships. There is an indicator of the help of an elder. There is always more money spent on travel than you think. Although the staff has not been promoted, there is a migration rate. You will be proud of your brother or sister. The relationship between the two lovers is a long way off. Education of a Society Health and Wellness Constipation Very often Be cautious of the hollows. Marriage is good.

Benefit Number 1/5/5 , It will increase more than forecast.Please come to the Three Pagoda Pass and pray.


The business often encounters opposition and opposition problems. Costs for household chores are high. New opportunities for the economy may be lost, but unforeseen disturbances can be devastating. Your coworkers may be burdensome to you. Talk, because this is a time of bad luck. Existing business activities should be filtered. The list is often broken, and if the system is properly organized, the problem will be solved and the goods will be traded. Four-way travel is great. Many intellectuals have come up with new ideas, but this has not been the case yet, and relatives from their hometown will visit. It’s good. Even if the couple is lucky, the couple will be in conflict. It’s the time to experience the pleasures of love. Competition in education and business. Workplace and job seekers are often discouraged from education. Tooth decay. Heat It can cause fever and fever.

Benefit Number 1/6/9 , There will be plenty of disappointment.Pray to God, Aung San Suu Kyi.


It will be difficult to choose an opportunity that arises between different goals. There are often good contacts in foreign affairs. Business search will be more convenient than needed. What is your position? As the business progresses, you may experience increased stress. Make a lot of money and get lucky. Social opposition will also cause financial loss. Inexpensive businesses continue to be good. Broker Don’t trust the preview. Fraud can result in fraud. If you plan to travel, go earlier than your intended date. Work colleagues are often harassed by their peers. In the name of the guests, the namesake of the Buddha will provide support to his family. In love, adolescents are less likely to be in love with adults. Efforts in education; It depends on diligence. Health is still poor. Get enough sleep Hypertension is high, and time management is difficult. Marriage is fortunate.

Benefit Number 2/3/7 , Pay special attention to health.Meditate on PTSD.


During this time, there will be a great deal of social work, and there will be opportunities for foreign affairs and good luck. It was a time of flattering, loving faces. You will experience a long journey of happiness. Make sure you keep them financially, even if they are lucky, but do not let them face financial problems. It will help you meet your family’s needs. New contacts for business It’s a good time to meet new opportunities. Debts incurred; Return items Even the peer-to-peer business will be comfortable with money. It is not advisable to expand the business, but only do the work now. Long Distance Travel Plan for foreign travelers as soon as possible. Retailing will gradually improve in the retail business, but the marital health may be poor. There are reasons to be in love and to get married. Study hard in any subject in education. Health: Weight loss Take a walk Apply topical lotion and apply massage.

Benefit Number 3/3/8 , The special part will be lucky.Donate to the monks and cook with the pork and potato.


During this time, luck will come to you. Develop your passions as soon as possible. Pilgrimage For religion, There are good trips. In the face of opposition, business opportunities will increase. As with any business benefits, there is peace and stability in the family. Happiness also comes. This is the time to buy good jewelry, gold, and jewelry. Experience good foreign contacts and experience good news and life’s success. The competition will be up to you, and you will be able to put your competitors behind. It is a good idea to stock up on those who want to stock up. There is an antecedent to the antecedent. Farm Land Vehicles There is a new car number. Those who are jealous of the staff must give up. You may have to make some changes to a place or work in a new place. If you are not yet in love, you are in love with your superiors. Try on the education side. There is no risk to health. Marriage mates often think of their own goodwill.

Benefit Number 2/4/5 , It can be very special.Welcome to the Shan State noodles.


This is a time to overcome hardships, to be socially and socially motivated. Foreign travelers; We will face difficulties. Despite the success of the business, the opposition and the opposition have been successful. It can be difficult to get along. Be patient with your family because they often get into arguments. Be religious and be careful of everything. Also, be aware of the good things that the contractor is trying to do to harm. To expand business; Pause if there is a need to energize. Since there are no honest and honest people in the business, decide exactly which side you want to go in. It’s good to do well, and often discuss with your spouse frequently about the costs. Home luck It’s a time of great anguish for your marriage. Good luck in love. Those who have not yet got a new lover Social training in education; Learn English Good health! Even people with low levels of health may recover.

Benefit Number 5/6/6 , Especially bad luck.Pray to God with the oil.


During this time, serious issues will arise. From small problems to problems, It can be huge. Unhappy anxieties often come to your heart. Social hardship can result in financial loss. You will learn as much as you can for business. In a way It’s hard to do the hard work. Unfortunately, the bad luck may come in the face of stress and small conflicts. Farmers’ profits will be greater than ever. Be a thief and fire hazard if you are a hardware seller. Luxury gifts often come. Interviews are often successful and travel abroad. It will take a long time to get that title. Relatives; He often had conversations with a financial partner. A recent love story, They are often offered via Aung Thaung. Education in Economics must be taught. He is in good health. But be careful about girls’ diseases.

Benefit 4/6/0 , The good fortune will come along with bad luck.Pray for the lemon tree.

May the 7 day wishes all children desire ….. Nyein Aye Lou (astrology researcher)