The idea of a teacher in Myanmar who is very popular on the internet

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Education is power and also is the resource of country.It is very inportant for every country all over the world.So, the Idea for education is more important than any other for the country.In Myanmar, the idea of a teacher is very popular on the online.

The teachers are the ones who are teaching the children to the nunnery, not just for the sake of the nation, but also for the sake of the nation’s future as a young, reliable leader.

The idea that one of the teachers of this kind of teacher works for children is popular on social media. Best Math Award The Best Advantage Award; Best Smile Award .The hardest reward ever; Awards are awarded to each of the children for their outstanding achievements.

The prize is a worthless pencil, but the teacher-given spirit is invaluable to children … By doing so, I have convinced myself that I still have something outstanding.