Yone Lay wants Shwe Thamee to win the Academy Award at this academy season

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The Academy Awards , which honor one of the best artists in the Myanmar film industry, will be held soon. With the Academy hopefuls hoping their favorite artists will not win the Academy Awards. No, it’s not wrong.

At this year’s Academy Awards, Yone Lay revealed that he wants Shew Themee, an actress to receive an Academy Award with a “cotton” movie. One of the girls asked for an Academy Award, saying, “His favorite is in the cotton, and let me say thank you to my sister on the platform.” It may seem odd at times, but Yone Lay also says that the golden girl is fully committed to her role.

In addition, not fearing for hate, her character sends a powerful role in the artistic respect fools gold group relationship, both the audience “Tied” the film was Shwe Thamee of the actor has been impressed and pleased. This year the great Academy commented Whom do you want and what you think The audience will know.