Zin Yaw Maung Maung being proud for the film of “Flowers on the clouds” at the Asean Film Festival

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Director Zin Yaw Maung Maung most recently on his son’s debut film clouds shoot the film in the country but also in Singapore theaters. This film is a Korea-Myanmar film Chin swallowed a matter of which portray a flower from the film.

However, when the show was performed in Myanmar, it was not as successful as it had been, and the audience was impressed with its spectacular performance at the ASEAN Film Festival. “At the ASEAN Film Festival in Jakarta, Indonesia, we went to the movie A Flower Above The Clouds.

Ambassadors and wives; Consulars: Family members from Myanmar Embassy; Attendees from the Movie Industry in Indonesia. When the movie finished, it received a great deal of fanfare. The ambassadors and ambassadors who were present at the meeting felt so speechless. This kind of feeling. How happy it would have been if it had been at JCGV and other establishments in Burma! ”

However, it was praised at the Asean Film Festival, “Whatever it was, I was very pleased with the result. “It’s a night of sleepless nights,” he wrote on his Facebook page.